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This past weekend I had a very interesting conversation with my girlfriends. We randomly started discussing the pressures social media gives us either knowingly or unknowingly. Why does everything look so perfect especially on some sites? One of them said that at some point social media made her feel like she wasn’t doing much with her life. Some of us may relate and others just don’t understand how anyone can be affected by how others show their lives on social media. I’ll admit, at some point last year I wondered if I was doing the right thing in life especially when you see vloggers who are younger than you buying huge homes, flashy cars, don’t even have degrees etc  and I had to deliberately work on that and remind myself the importance of focusing on my own journey and trusting God.

But that whole discussion made me ask myself and I’ll also ask you, what pressures are you getting as an entrepreneur from social media? For some, it could be the feeling that business looks easy so I need to start one now!! Maybe for others who are already in it feel like they can never match what other people are doing. For some, it could be a sense of hopelessness. For others it could be that you are choking your own creativity by always comparing yourself to others and desiring that which they have instead of  using your talent and abilities to think differently or create something different… you want the norm that seems to bring in more cash. What pressures are you getting? Then we have the other sphere that doesn’t really care, if anything, what they see motivates them to work harder. It gives them hope that they can also get there and even go further.

I’ll remind you the obvious; no company will ever post its dirt on social media. I have two businesses that run almost 100% online.  I will never post the stress, tears, long days and nights, mental blocks, financial and resource constraints … you name it. All those things happen even in your most admired organizations and enterprises. Some companies have existed for over a decade and they’re now very active on social media, a decade of sweat, tears and hard work. This is not to normalize the downs of entrepreneurship but a reminder that what you’re going through is part of it.

And that really is the purpose of this blog. Let’s have real and open conversations that will motivate us to stay strong when the storm hits us hard. I’ll share my experiences and information gathered from my research and consultation from various experts just to help anyone in this community seeking to pursue entrepreneurship or is already in it.

Can’t wait to hear from you in the comment section below some of the pressures you’ve felt from social media especially concerning business or even some tips on how to stay focused when all businesses seem to be ‘perfect’.

Stay blessed!

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  1. reccomendme says:

    Very interesting and thought-invoking piece.

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    1. Toria says:

      This is so true . Personally I have always kina known I’m not an entrepreneur but I took the leap and started a business anyway . Social media doesn’t affect me in terms of my business really because one ,it’s inactive because a lot of roadblocks and no prior knowledge which has somewhat discouraged me , but I’m in the works and I’m still hopeful .


      1. thewazabiz says:

        Starting a business takes a huge leap of faith that people underrate but running a business takes even more. I hope with time I’ll be able to share some tips on that


  2. Evemaya says:

    In terms of my personal life, I noticed it subconsciously affected me. So I decided to put off my push notifications, so I only get notifications when I open Instagram, it’s saved me on time i sons on my phone.
    For my business that almost 100% online, it used to be me comparing pictures and how well edited they looked 😅 nothing serious, so I learnt how to take photos and bought a phone specifically for that .
    All the best on your blog❤️


    1. thewazabiz says:

      I like that you used what you saw on social media to improve your business. All the best 🎉


  3. Nico says:

    I’ve had pressure to become the great person social media has always thought of me
    And this motivates me

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  4. Miriam says:

    This is an amazing read!
    When I started my online business, I compared myself a lot to those who were already in the space way before I joined. I felt like I would never be like them.
    That changed when I decided to give my business my all. I put in hard work and talked to people who have been where I’m at. My business has tremendously grown and I use my previous feelings of inadequacy to encourage those that are new in my line.
    I am grateful for this blog. I will definitely send it to those that I have been encouraging

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    1. thewazabiz says:

      This is amazing! All the best in your business


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