My number one fans

Yesterday (9th September) was my mum’s birthday!! And for some reason, this morning I woke up feeling overly grateful for the gift and blessing my parents have been and continue to be in my life. So I thought, “Why not dedicate today’s post to mum and dad as I share some of the lessons I’ve learnt from them?”

Just a bit of background, both my parents are in business. My mum was once employed but left employment shortly after giving birth to me and my twin sister. My dad on the other hand has never applied for any formal employment. He started from the bottom, literally! But that’s his story to share. Both their life choices revolving around work are very vital to the person I am today. I do not take it for granted that I have a very solid relationship with both my parents which has a lot to play in my growing success as an entrepreneur.

My number one fans

Mum and dad were my first teachers and mentors and continue to be so. Much of how I run my businesses reflects my parents more than it does my teachers or what school taught me. They groomed us for leadership and saw in us what we didn’t see in ourselves. I remember their words when they took us to university; “We’re taking you to school to learn how to run your businesses.” You have no idea how those words give me confidence to this day!  Those words made me change my view of university, made me stand tall when countless people asked me why I wasted time in Uni if I didn’t want to be employed after, made me think! I was taught that school is not life but a supplement to it. I was that student in class who would sit in Entrepreneurship and Marketing classes thinking of how I’d apply the theory in class to my business (On that note, if this post ever gets to anyone in the Ministry of Education in Kenya, please contact me. I have some very constructive feedback especially in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Marketing courses). Moving on swiftly , I remember hugging my dad on the night of my graduation and breaking down while doing so. At that point, it hit me so hard the lengths he had to go for us, the mental, emotional, time and financial investments he put in us just to make sure that we got the best he could give. So thank you mum and dad for always supporting me and my siblings, thank you for teaching us the patience and commitment needed in a business, thank you for always being there, thank you for the many sacrifices you’ve made just to be there for us and with us, thank you for teaching us that happiness is not equated to money and creating such a warm home for us , even when your businesses were struggling. THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR NUMBER 1 FANS!

I know that having such parents who support and groom me for my career is not just a blessing but also a privilege.  I’d love to hear from you guys in the comment section below how your experiences have been, both good and bad. Especially if you’ve had a struggle with your parents when it comes to your career choice, what would you advise someone going through the same? Share share share!

Stay blessed!

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  1. Miriam says:

    Forever grateful for such supportive parents 🙏🏾

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