Entrepreneurs of the month #1

I’m so excited to add this segment on the blog! Every first Monday of the month you’ll get to read about other young entrepreneurs and I pray that this segment grows into something life changing to many young people and encourage more job creators among the youth.

1. Miriam Wambui

1. Tell us about your venture and when did you start?

I started Mima Closet in 2015. I sell ladies’ shoes mainly thrifted. New shoes are also available on pre-order.

2. What motivates you as an entrepreneur?

The desire for autonomy and achievement of personal goals is what motivates me. I eventually want to design my own shoes. What I am currently doing has exposed me and enhanced my knowledge in the shoe industry. The desire to see my goals fulfilled with respect to my business gives me the zeal to continue working hard even on tough days.

3. What key advice would you give fellow youth entrepreneurs and aspiring young entrepreneurs?

My advice to my fellow youth entrepreneurs and aspiring young entrepreneurs is; save, do not eat your capital, continuously enhance your knowledge of the industry you are in and there is never the best time to start a business, just start. Saving not only acts as a cushion for unforeseen circumstances but also enhances financial independence. When it comes to eating capital, every coin removed from your business makes the business smaller. If you want to grow your business, allow your money to grow. Enhancing your knowledge of the industry makes you a step ahead of the rest. You are able to gauge the changes in trends and interests and be proactive instead of reactive. Do not be selfish with this knowledge. Help your fellow friends in business. Sharing knowledge does not take away the knowledge from you. Capital is know to be a major issue for most of the youth interested in entrepreneurship. I started my business with 3,000/- and it eventually grew. I can now ask for loans and be given. Had I waited for these loans in 2015, I would still be waiting. Before asking for money, show the lender that you are capable of managing and growing money, no matter how little it is. Start with what you have. The rest will fall into place. Above all, pray for your business. I am a firm believer in the power prayer.

Find Mima Closet on Instagram @mima_closet

2. Ndegwa Mbuthia

1. Tell us about your business and when did you start it?

My name is Ndegwa,founder of Pollie Cases. Polliecases is a brand that deals with high quality phone covers for all phones. We focus on customized phone covers. I started my business in 2016 after I realized the constant and rising demand for aesthetic covers in Kenya among the youth.

2. What’s your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

Definitely has to be the lessons I learn daily. Consistency,commitment and persistence. As an entrepreneur you never stop improving on these three values. You will notice that the three are tied to one key value that I believe beat hard work/working smart and that is patience. You can put in all the effort and lay out all strategies,anyone can do that but not everyone is patient enough to wait for the sweet reward. That, is where the line is drawn.

3. What has been your biggest money lesson so far as an entrepreneur?

My biggest money lesson so far is realizing that it is 10x harder or even 100x to make $10 than to spend it. This is simply nature where so much is expected from you but very little is handed to you. Be smart! Only the smart avoid the rat race most of us are caught up in.

Find Pollie Cases on Instagram @polliecases

3. Njeri Mwangi


1.Tell us about your business and when did you start it?

My business is called The Chocolate Hut. It’s an online home based bakery. We don’t have a physical shop for now but do take orders via social media and do deliveries . I started it in 2015 after only knowing to bake one type of cake i.e Chocolate cake.

2. How did you come up with the name of you business?

The name came about from my love of baking chocolate cakes. It was the only cake I could bake well then and it was the 1st cake I made from scratch and it didn’t flop. I then decided to name my business the chocolate hut because of the emotional feel I had towards the first cake I made . The “hut” part was just to identify with our African heritage and my hope of one day being known through out Africa for the cakes I do bake.

3. What would you say are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

-Consistency: You must strive to be consistent in whatever you’re doing, be consistent in the quality of the product/ service you’re offering. If you’re good at something, stick to that, keep improving your skills in that area and with time as you continue investing in yourself by learning new skills you’ll also be building up your service/ product quality therefore leading to gradual success.

-Focus: this is a skill you must learn to master early enough. One must know where they want to be in the long term and work towards that. Don’t get yourself confused and spend a lot of time ogling at your competitors work..its not bad to look at what’s there in the market just don’t spend too much there trying to figure out how you can be like them. Whatever you’re offering may be the same as them but how you execute and sell your product to your clients and sticking yo your methods will help you reach the same level as your competitors and eventually surpass them.

-Patience: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be patient with your business and the pace you’re going at….it will take time. Be patient even when learning new things….don’t rush to get to a certain point only to reach that point and you realize you missed a crucial learning step

Find Chocolate Hut on Instagram @the_chocolate_hut_

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