Expectation vs. Reality

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Life after university…wow! Just a disclaimer, even after reading this you might still not be fully prepared to face the challenges but I’m here to tell you some of the things you will probably encounter.

If you think about it, from nursery to University, you’ll have spent about 18yrs of your life in the school system. By the time you’re finishing, you’ve spent more of your time in school than anywhere else in the world. And I kid you not, the transition from academic school to what I like to call school of life, will probably be your first major life transition. It’s you leaving a status you’re used to for most of your life and jumping right into being a proper adult. You’re leaving structure, security, routine, all that! I once heard someone refer to this stage as quarter – life crisis and laughed, but it can really be.

A certain pressure starts to creep in when you finish school. You want to have your life together in the shortest time possible. Immediately, people will start asking about your Master’s degree, when you’re planning to move out, talk to you about marriage, ask you how business is doing and for those seeking employment be ready to be asked time after time where you’re working. You will feel a certain need to have things together because it feels like everyone expects that from you.

My business hit its lowest when I finished school. My plans were crushed. I got the most NOs from my prospects. It was devastating! There I was, so psyched to give all my attention to my business, but things weren’t anything close to what I expected.  I have cried a lot this year. I have questioned my abilities a lot and felt inadequate at times. The same goes to those looking for jobs. For some, even with the best grades, some employers won’t hire you. You thought Finance was your area then somehow you end up in Marketing. You thought you were the best in your class then you go to your workplace and somehow, you’re the one struggling the most.  Your life will feel like a crisis. You might end up in situations that feel like a hole.

Some of your friends will have it easy. Finish school, get very good capital and their businesses will boom. Rejoice with them. Some of your friends will be hired even before they finish school. Rejoice with them. Some of your friends will get that position that you so desperately wanted. Rejoice with them.  It could get to a point where it feels like everyone is talking about their successes and you have nothing to talk about. And it’s ok.

I want my blog to be a space for me to talk about my struggles that lead to my successes. I want all of us to share them and feel safe while at it. I’m on my road to success and making small wins in preparation for my big wins. I’m currently in a happy place, so I’ll share what worked for me and helped me get here.

  1. Take time to think, visualize and pray about where you want to be.
  2. Be grateful even when things are thick. My blog is a result of the hole I was in beginning of this year. Circumstances forced me to sit, evaluate and plan.
  3. Know your journey. This will make you rejoice with others instead of comparing their successes against your shortcomings.
  4. Get mentors.
  5. Read books. Especially of people you admire or of skills you need to get in order to get to your goal.
  6. Relax and strategize. You can be busy going up and down but really doing nothing of much value and this will only get you more frustrated.

I may not be where I want to be but I thank God I’m not where I used to be. Be encouraged and share your experiences 🙂


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  1. mamakeki says:

    I love this…and youve put it well. I relate

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    1. thewazabiz says:

      Let’s celebrate the small wins. We’ll get there


  2. Faith Makena says:

    This stage in life is indeed soooo real!!!! This blog will help many like it has already encouraged me🙂 Keep on!👌🏽

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  3. Miriam says:

    Reblogged this on wambuim07.


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