Motivation … or lack of it?

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I don’t know if I should call this period December blues because it feels like my brain just wants a break! Do you ever get to that point and how do you get out of it? This month has been a test for me every single day when it comes to motivation. My body is already sensing the holiday season and it doesn’t help that the mornings have been cold and the temptation to stay in bed is greater than the motivation to leave! But for every season I look for a lesson or a reason and this particular one has just made me realize how I’ve been neglecting my breaks from work.

As entrepreneurs, when do we pause? Why don’t most of us plan for leave days? And I say plan because many times you wake up with little motivation and before you know it, you can impulsively give yourself 100/365 days as leave (or am I exaggerating? I don’t think so).

There’s a time last month I told one of my friends that I was going on a solo trip to Coast. I woke up and decided I want to go over the weekend. If you know me, you know this is unlike me. First, I enjoy the company of people as I travel. I can’t even take myself on a proper solo meal date but I do solo coffee dates once in a while. So to say that I want to go to Coast ALONE, wow!  Solo trips are amazing and on my bucket list but I knew an impulsive one was not what I had in mind. My friend was against the idea and I remember his words ‘Just ask yourself why you really want to go.’ Who wants to be told that when all you want to do is leave?

But I’ve been thinking and now I know. My lack of motivation is greatly contributed to the fact that as I planned for my year, I did not include any leave days. My body is feeling it, my mind is feeling it even more.  Taking a break is not easy especially when you run a business alone because it means having days where you’re technically on unpaid leave. No money is coming in and your suppliers won’t understand that you were on a break. Fixed costs are a reality whether you work or not.

Do I have a solution? Yes. PLAN. December is generally a busy business month for many sectors, mine included, so it’s not the best time to take leave. But come next year I promise myself to include leave days as I plan my year. This would mean working knowing too well that I need to have excess income that will sustain me when I’m away and enjoy my leave without stress. It could also mean that we need to have structures in place that allow us to let go of some control and know that the business can run even without you present.  Or maybe it could be investing in assets that bring in money without much supervision from you.

Motivation here I am! We need to end this year strong.

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  1. Miriam says:

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    Definitely giving myself some leave days in 2019!


  2. Miriam says:

    Every entrepreneur should read this 👏🏾


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