Reflections of 2018

I’ve been reflecting about my 2018. How time flies!! I can’t even give a list of lessons… they’ve been many. It’s been one of the most difficult years yet one of the most fulfilling. I have grown so much this year.

Starting this blog is one of my highlights. In fact, WazaBiz has been one of my greatest achievements this year. In less than 3 months I’ve been able to interact with 20 entrepreneurs who I call Entrepreneurs of the month. This has given me so much joy. It’s beautiful to see people start something and grow. I was joking the other day that one day the series ‘Entrepreneurs of the month’ will be the next Forbes list and what a joy will it be to see so many young people there. I’m happy, I’m blessed.

I have received emails of encouragement from strangers! People telling me they enjoy my posts, I should never stop… my favorite probably a 40yr old who has a passion for entrepreneurship but is afraid of taking the risk and by reading my posts, she’s started saving for retirement and capital. She’s going after what she loves. I’m encouraged, I’m blessed.

Should I mention how because of this platform, I’m doing better in my businesses? I get encouraged each day to grow them because one day I’ll teach young entrepreneurs, one day I’ll mentor some, and I don’t want it to be all theory. I want them to see and believe in themselves. My financial discipline is currently at its best and I’m eager to make it better not just for me, but for the sake of mentoring others and doing what I preach.

2018 has been tough but the starting point of a new me and I’ll forever remember this year. I left my comfort zone, took risks, made reading a habit, shared my joy with others and the best, letting others shine through my platform. I’m blessed.

I’m thinking of starting video content next year. It will require an extra level of leaving my comfort zone! But I’ll get there. For the sake of others learning, growing and having more entrepreneurs with sustainable businesses, I’ll do it so help me God. I’m happy typing this. In the midst of everything challenging that has happened, a reflection of my year reminds me that yes, I’m blessed.

Next week will be the last blog post of the year. Another opportunity to highlight Entrepreneurs of the Month so be sure to read that post!

I’ll resume on 14th January 2019 probably with a video as well, who knows!

But guys, we’re blessed!


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