I did it!!!

Remember last week I said that I’ll probably have a video up if I got the guts? Well, it happened! And I’m excited yet frightened. Excited because I challenged myself, frightened because this was completely outside my comfort zone and it still is.

“Hey guys! Welcome to my channel!” Still getting the hang of it! But on that note, seriously, welcome to my channel.


It’s not as baaaaad as I thought. I talk to myself a lot so probably that helped with the nerves as I was recording. (Wait, don’t forget to subscribe 😂) Moving on, I’m happy that I get to have another platform to talk about what I’m passionate about. Some prefer reading, others prefer watching, so I get to have both.

For some people, this is nothing! I mean, just talking to a camera? But you don’t know how this has made me think about other areas of my life where I’m afraid to make that step. Especially in business. I want to do some things, approach some people but even before I do so, I’m afraid of the outcome I’ve perceived in my mind which could be totally different from reality. Or it could be the same, but how would I know unless I actually take that step?

But I’ve learnt how this game is played :

  1. Take a small step that would make you feel slightly more confident . This was starting the blog for me. It’s harder typing than talking but it’s easier ‘hiding’ behind a blog compared to a video. But having a blog somehow gave me the confidence to share my thoughts which eventually made it easier for me to do so even on video. So take that small step if it will eventually help you
  2. Get someone to hold you accountable. Especially when you know fear is the only thing stopping you from going after what you want, share with someone your plans. They’ll keep on asking you about the progress and point out when all you’re doing is making excuses. So I shared with my close friends and with my readers as well. I don’t like being asked the same question over and over so I just did it to avoid the questions 😂
  3. Just do it! Sometimes, there’s a thin line between planning and procrastinating. When your plan is ready, gain your confidence and go for it! This is me telling myself because I’m still learning.

I hope we all have a “I did it!!!!!” moment this year. In our businesses, careers, etc. Feel free to share with me what you need someone to hold you accountable for either in the comment section or on email thewazabiz@gmail.com .

Be blessed!

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