Entrepreneurs of the month


Our favorite series is back! And sorry for the silence, we started  a Youtube channel!! It’s called WazaBiz and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the content and subscribe 🙂

  1. Maya Onyango


1.Tell us about your business and when did you start it ?

I run two growing businesses. @mayore__ that I started beginning of April 2018 where I sell skin care and hair products .Also Give insight on different skin types/products and basically share skin care tips with clients! We help each other out .

@thrift_a_bag_ke that I started Late November 2018 where I deal with mostly thrifted bags and shoes from time to time at a very affordable price. This started as a result of the profit generated from Mayore.

2.What is your approach to Marketing?

•My first approach was advertise  my business to family and friends , who told their colleagues.

•Instagram business tools which are very helpful when used effectively .

•Referral Marketing

Customer Care is everything to me

3.Which mistake would you advise other entrepreneurs to avoid?(Especially in your line of business )

I’m also still learning but thus far I would say ;

•Not being Consistent, Consistency = Results

•False Advertising. •Failing to meet clients needs , be hands on with everything deliveries/responding to messages e.t.c

•Failing to reinvest ,spending  profit way too soon on things that do not build the business. This could lead to your business collapsing.

•Do not get discouraged,  enjoy the growing process of your business even with 5 followers talk about it like you’re Bill Gates because only you know the vision you have for your business .It gets better with time , dedication and hard work . Do not forget the Lord on both the good and bad days.Always be thankful.


2.Waringa Waweru



1. Tell us about your business and when did you start it? 

I’m Waringa Waweru,founder of Letter in A Bottle @letter_in_a_bottle_ke which was launched on the 5th February 2019.The business seeks to revive the art of letter writing in a fun,funky way.We connect people through messages shared in antique themed handcrafted media, with our first product being the Ramani bottle series.

2. What inspired you to start your business? 

Imagine getting to your desk at work after your lunch break & finding letter in a bottle with the message ‘Harvest Restaurant,8pm.Table 15.Keep time.’

Signed off-Anonymous.

Would you go?

People often forget the  messages shared via WhatsApp texts,SMS,Skype chats and calls that we send, in fact they can be easily deleted with touch of a button.On the other hand,handwritten letters are timeless and intimate.The message they carry will forever be remembered by both the sender and recipient.That’s why we started L.I.B.We wanted to create simple but meaningful experiences  for people.An exciting and memorable channel of sharing one’s thoughts, one that will forever be etched in people’s minds.

3. What has been your greatest lesson on customer service so far ?

Listen to your customers and learn from them.It is very important for every business to have a channel through which they can freely interact with their customers and get feedback whether positive or negative.That way one can grow.It is also important  to personalize the experience a customer has when interacting with your business and products.


3. Michelle Kijedi


1. Tell us about your business and when did you start it? 

I started my business  @versatile_jewelleryke on 22nd May 2018. I always and still have passion for jewellery and statement pieces. Jewellery to me is a way  to express my personality and not to just accessorize .I began it as a side hustle then I left employment to pursue it fully and I have never looked back.

2.What are some of the ways your family/friends have supported you in your business?

My family has fully supported me. My younger sister actually always assists me in making deliveries. My mother has always believed in me and encouraged my work. My friends are also the most amazing.

3. What has been your greatest money lesson so far ?

Doing proper accounts for my business.Simple things like noting down sales,costs and profit columns really helps. -Loving the beauty of cashlow. Money has to go out for more to flow back in. At first it used to seem like I was just putting in money but I have grown to see the long term benefits. – Educating myself on proper saving techniques that work for me.


4.Mark Nderitu


1. Tell us about your business and when did you start it? 

I have an online bookshop called @bookduka . I started selling African books about a year ago but started online selling 3 months ago.

2. What inspired you to start this business? 

I enjoy African literature and wanted to promote reading of the same.

3. What’s your vision for your business? 

That in the coming future, people will spend as much time reading African literature as they do reading foreign literature.


5. Phelisian Madiany


1.Tell us about your business and when did you start it?

Madiany (@everythingmadiany) is a Fashion Brand with a focus in women’s apparel by Phelisian Madiany owner & Fashion Designer,Pattern Maker, for Confident women who want to express themselves in a classy,Simple chic and Sophisticated way.We mainly deal with custom dresses, prom gowns , wedding gowns and two pieces . Be sure to keep posted as we are working on our new collection coming soon…

CONTACT madianybookings@gmail.com for more information /+254 779 385275.

2. Who inspires you and what’s your major lesson from them?

I get my inspired by a lot of people but for now I’ll say am inspired most by Anita Rivers in the fashion Industry she mentors me and also I learn a lot from her, majorly ; Follow your dreams, be true to self and put God first.

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